Is Microsoft Exchange right for you?

Yes, if you want to access your email, to-do list, schedule or contacts when ...

  • You use more than one computer regularly
  • You're on the road and need to keep up with email, schedules, your clients—or your kids!
  • You share folders, contacts, tasks/to-do lists or your schedule with other people

Microsoft Exchange provides you with advanced features for managing email, calendars, contacts and tasks. It allows full use of the collaboration features of Outlook and Microsoft Exchange to share information securely among your Microsoft Exchange users.

  • Global address book and contact manager: Provide secure, centralized access to key contact information.
  • Public folders/file sharing: Easily post and share documents and email messages in a central location.
  • Group calendar for scheduling: Maintain calendars and check the availability of other Exchange users, conference rooms and resources to schedule meetings.
  • Task management: Assign tasks to yourself and others.

Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access your whole mailbox-not just your inbox or email folders-from:

  • Home and work, you'll have unlimited Outlook desktop licenses.
  • Any Web Browser, you'll access Outlook online through Microsoft Exchange from any computer.
  • Access Outlook from any one of your mobile devices.

Get More Done

Be more productive via:

  • Calendar sharing: Collaborative scheduling allows you to easily sync with others.
  • Public Folders: Department, team, project or customer folders can have their own calendars, contacts, emails and files, all accessible by anyone in your network via Outlook or any Web browser.

Stop Worrying

Up to 70% of business data resides in email. Temporary or permanent loss of email means lost orders, productivity, customers, revenue—and a likely loss of hair! Exchange Hosting offers:

  • Daily backups, close server monitoring and regular integrity testing
  • Remote storage: Mailboxes can easily be recreated on a new PC. You won't lose Outlook data if your hard drive crashes.
  • Server maintenance: We take care of all security patches and routine maintenance to ensure uptime. Intensive, continuous monitoring allows for quick issue detection and fixes-before you notice a problem!