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Microsoft Word or Google Docs: Which works better for business?

Posted by admin on 07 12 2016. 0 Comments

Have you been thinking of reassessing which word processor your business should standardize on? The obvious choices are the two best known: Microsoft Word or Google Docs. But which is better? Several years ago, the answer to that would have been easy: Microsoft Word for its better editing, formatting and markup tools;…

Windows 10 quick tips: Get the most out of Cortana

Posted by admin on 05 12 2016. 0 Comments

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana can make your life easier and more efficient—if you know how to really take advantage of it. Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana is one of the major additions to Windows 10 — and it’s a winner. Turn it on and Cortana alerts you to upcoming meetings; searches your PC…

Three Mistakes IT Makes

Posted by admin on 05 12 2016. 0 Comments

IT Mistakes (Article from InfoWorld.com; Sponsered: GlobalSCAPE 2016) IT departments are busy. From maintenance to troubleshooting, managing ongoing projects and overseeing resolutions on outages or system failures, there’s often little time for future project planning. However, when details get lost in the shuffle, that’s when costly mistakes happen. These mistakes can carry…