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How to improve your SEO ranking with SSL

Posted by admin on 30 11 2015. 0 Comments

  • Google traditionally shares little information on the algorithms used to determine search rankings, leaving organizations and SEO specialists to their own devices when it comes to improving SEO performance.

    This week’s announcement on the use of HTTPS as a ranking signal is likely to redefine SEO strategies and have a major impact on the security of the Internet as a whole.

    Google rewards SSL users

    “Over the past few months we’ve been running tests taking into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections as a signal in our search-ranking algorithms. We’ve seen positive results, so we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.”

    After introducing HTTPS by default on all its services, as well as promoting the HTTPS Everywhere initiative, Google is encouraging stronger security once again by reviewing their algorithms to reward SSL users.

    In short, this means that if users can connect to your website over HTTPS, your website will rank higher in Google search results.

    A quick reminder about SSL

    To enable HTTPS on your website you will need an SSL Certificate – a small data file that digitally binds a cryptographic key to your organization’s details. When SSL security is enabled, any data transmitted over the website will be encrypted, preventing it from being intercepted by a third party.

    What to do next

    The weight of HTTPS in search algorithms is forecast to keep increasing over the coming months. The news will no doubt boost the use of SSL technology, increasing the number of secure websites out there, and improving the safety of the Internet for end users.

    As a webmaster, there has never been a better time to make website security top of your agenda. Visit our website for more information about SSL.

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